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Instagram fakery

Instagram fakery


Instagram Fakery

Instagram Fakery Exposed

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Instagram's Crackdown on Fake Followers Just Might Work


Young women typically look good in their 'rinsta', or real Instagram account. Maggie Ziegler

Meet Chessie King, Instagram blogger and champion of body-positivity

How teens use fake Instagram accounts to relieve the pressure of perfection

Jessa Angers Fans With Instagram Fakery — See What Sparked The Outrage

Another name for a secondary, more fun Instagram account is a 'finsta' or 'spam' account. https://www.instagram.com/maisie_spammmm/

Lexi, from Nottingham, used to spend hours taking hundreds of different pictures, in

According To Bow Wow, There's A Perfectly Reasonable Explanation For His Instagram Fakery

Are you following a fake Instagram star?


Woman Sick Of How Fake Everything On Instagram Is Reveals The Truth In The Most Epic Way

She would delete posts if she had less than three likes and wouldn't post

Bow Wow Loves That People Are Roasting Him For His Instagram Fakery

Woman Sick Of How Fake Everything On Instagram Is Reveals The Truth In The Most Epic Way | Bored Panda

4 Travel Photo Fakery Tricks You're Seeing in Your Instagram Feed

Olivia Louise Calls Out Instagram Fakery On Visuals For “No Filters”

Nothing's changed I still post content to #KeepItReal and I'm always #KeepingItReal

... you a rough guide to what percentage of someone's following might be fake - try a few big accounts on there, you might be surprised by what comes back!


P.S.S. I had so many examples of fake Instagram that I am going to put a few more as honorable mentions below. Hope you enjoy.

Influencer marketing is already losing influence in India due to fakery

An unlikely view of London from Amelia Liana's own bed

Teen 'finstas' are an oasis of real in a desert of Instagram fakery

EP24: Coming Out & Instagram Fakery with Jeff Perla of @TheTravelinBum

Behind the scenes of Instagram: This artist shows us what goes into stunning shots

Instagram Fakery

Woman Sick Of How Fake Everything On Instagram Is Reveals The Truth In The Most Epic Way | Bored Panda

Instagram / charlottegshore

(The “super-snuggly”comment may or may not be genuine, but I've hidden the person's name, just in case. One of the issues with this kind of thing is that it ...

Instagram fake followers

Ashlie's regular poses show a toned body. Source: Instagram / foodiegirlfitness

It's Surprisingly Easy to Fake Being a Rich Kid of Instagram

Shudu, the first 'digital supermodel'

Apple slashes iPhone production orders, Instagram goes after fakery

Instagram Fakery Exposed

“It infuriates me to see 'you're too fat to wear those trousers' on a recent post of mine. When I was the size I was in the left photo I had people ...

Fake Instagram

Ladies Night Special Edition Hosted by Jim Jones+Nelly+Kenny Burns

How to make your Instagram body-positive, diverse and empowering

Mariah Carey Weight Loss Photoshop Fail Instagram Pics 1

The blogger regularly posts idyllic shots of herself in locations around the world, such as

Amelia Liana posted a picture of herself purportedly from the top of the Rockerfeller Center in

Fake Weights Are Helping Instagram Stars Go Viral

Pre Fall 15 Minute Live Instagram Sale

Is insincerity killing Instagram? Debate on fake followers, fake comments, and the many

Tom Ward

... accounts shown are all fake and follow around 50 people, mainly consisting of the biggest Instagram users there are - the Rock, Ronaldo, Neymar etc.

Why The Instagram Culture Is Made Up BS

33 Instagram accounts to follow in 2019 that will actually make you feel good about your body

Fake Instagram

White Marble Contact Paper Shows How Absurdly Simple It Is to Fake Perfect Instagram Pics

Now Essena O'Neill has broken under the pressure of being 'internet famous', brands should think twice about monetising young women's lives

It's a good thing #JussieSmollett is an actor because his writing is horrible. I

Instagram Image by fakery arip (@fkhry.arf) with caption : "SALAM

A person's true colors life quotes life life lessons inspiration fake instagram fake people

“People should know my life was edited and contrived.”

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Friends says social media model who quit Instagram is the one who's 'fake'

More Instagram Fakery: Kris Jenner Posts New York City Skyline Photo To Instagram Profile As Her Own... But It's A Stock Image! | Radar Online

Fake Instagram

Ever wanted to be a part of the Insta fakery conversation? Head over to the blog and find how to spot those who are buying and faking their following and ...

If you need a break from social media fakery Beth is great - and posts about Disney too! :) Insta: http://instagram.com/bethanyfanceaca_ …

'Same girl, same day, same time' : 'Grammer highlights Insta fakery

Donald Trump Jr. Gets Duped By Doctored Graphic, Shares It On Instagram | HuffPost

The Instagram Mafia

photo_library Can you not see truth? Swipe left 👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻 #nasalies

The video features scenes of people spending lots of time and effort in capturing one apparently “natural” or “off the cuff” image.

FaceTune is conquering Instagram – but does it take airbrushing too far?

Lexi, pictured on a roof-top bar, said Instagram is causing others to

Fake Instagram

Instagram is supposed to be friendly. So why is it making people so miserable?

Insta influencers: Behind Instagrammer Carolyn Stritch's fake trip to Disneyland

Influencers, Fake Infuencers, Brands, Naomi D'Souza, Influencer Marketing

The try-hards look relatively normal when so much of Instagram is posed already – they woke up like this, hideously wealthy, with their dollar bills neatly ...

The blogger is pictured looking at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. There is no suggestion

If you need a break from social media fakery Beth is great - and posts about Disney too! :) Insta: http://instagram.com/bethanyfanceaca_ …

6-Pack Mom Exposed! Sarah Stage Caught Baring Baby Bump In ..

#blondefakery #brownhairedgirl #blondehair Are we judged by our image ? We are our

instagram selfie in flower field

How to Spot Fake Engagement and Followers on Instagram - Now on www.inthefrow.com

Mental health: the dangers of the social media diagnosis

Bring people on a journey and entertain them. Use the medium to inspire them to follow their own dreams or live their passion.

How the 'Instagram Mafia' is Screwing You Out of Likes

Megan Gale has made an emotional tribute to husband Shaun Hampson on Instagram